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I Can Withstand The What Without Knowing The Why, Because I Know The Who

We are living in a Humpty-Dumpty world with a bunch of Humpty-Dumpty people, and the ones who go to school to fix up Humpty-Dumpty are just as messed up as Mr. Dumpty.


In the wake of the latest tragedy to hit our nation, we are left with more questions than answers. Chief among these questions is, “Why?” If God is real “WHY” does he allow bad people to do bad things to good people? It’s a valid question, really. God, the one who never slumbers, who is everywhere at all times, who could literally destroy every evil person in the world together with one word, seems to look the other way at the exact moment that He is needed. “Why?”

From The Beginning

To understand such a broad reaching question, we must start at the very beginning. God created man in His image. That is to say, He created us to know good from evil, to have a choice, and to pursue our own will. This freedom to be who we are started in the Garden of Eden with one man and one woman. These two people made were uniquely different from one another with the ability to reason and the capability to know the emotional bonds that tied them together. Because God created mankind in such wondrous fashion, there needed to be a singular rule that would allow His extraordinary creation to be independent. So, you know the story, He created a tree and a decree.

Free Will

Now, His creation had choice, a will of their own, the ability to be like God Himself. Satan, always willing to twist the Word of God, set it in the mind of the creation that God did not want them to eat from the forbidden tree on the premise that it would make them like God (Genesis 3:5). Truth be told, they were already like God…they had choice; Adam and Eve already knew good from evil because they knew the command of God. The revelation of their sin did not give them more knowledge of right and wrong, but rather it opened their eyes to the consequences of disobedience (Genesis 3:7).

What Now

Fast forward to the present. God could wipe out every evil person on the planet right now, but if He did, where would He start? We are all born in sin (Romans 3:23). While we may not all kill with gun in hand, we all sin. In fact, all of our sins have consequences that reach far beyond ourselves. So we must ask, “Where is a good place for God to start?” Should He wipe out the murderer of hundreds and leave the murder of one alone? Should He immediately destroy all who would potentially murder, but leave those who kill the spirit of a man to their own device? Maybe, He should have squashed Adam and Eve while He had the chance. Whatever the sin, the devastating consequences of that sin will always destroy. The what of sin’s consequence then becomes the object of our need for retribution. Thus, to stop every evil great or small would be to squash the free will of all. This in turn render would his creation a race of robots and not individuals created in His image.


The fact is, the why that sin provokes can only be understood by knowing who holds the outcome. Like Humpty-Dumpty, we have fallen and are broken by the consequences that sin leaves behind. We look at the effects of sin on one group of people and soften its devastation by pointing to the atrocities of the next what. It’s a vicious cycle that only ends when we know who holds our future.

Knowing The Who

The cracked and broken lives of the masses can never be fixed by the wisdom of man, but only by the one who created it. Whatever the future holds we can be overcomers through Christ Jesus our Lord. I can withstand the what’s of life without knowing why they happen as long as I know who holds my future. Like you, I do not understand everything, but I know that there is one who understands and He still fixes our brokenness on an individual basis. God may allow tragedy to strike because sin fills our world, but He also knows how to fix your life if you will place your trust in Him.

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