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I Change Not

The Lord speaks in Malachi 3:6
“For I am the LORD, I change not;” this statement is not in reference to rigidity, but rather relationship. For example, sin brings judgment, and judgment brings punishment or death; a ridged God then crushes and consumes. Our God proclaims judgment and allows reconciliation through repentance, thus relationship allows for restoration. [click to continue…]


I Can Withstand The What Without Knowing The Why, Because I Know The Who

We are living in a Humpty-Dumpty world with a bunch of Humpty-Dumpty people, and the ones who go to school to fix up Humpty-Dumpty are just as messed up as Mr. Dumpty. [click to continue…]


The Power of Reflection

Today, I received some great news. The news is pretty fantastic and is a fulfillment of a long-term goal that I have had for many years. It in no way completes all of the goals that I have set for myself in this life, but it certainly is a monumental milestone. It is because of this news that I have taken a great deal of time to reflect on my life. It has provided me with a chance to look back and try to make sense of things as they have transpired over the last 49 years. Mainly as it relates to my relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. [click to continue…]


New Excerpt From Chapter 2 Of Defensible Truth

I thought I would again share a small portion of the new book I am writing, “Defensible Truth.” This portion is from the second chapter and precedes a discourse related to the creation of plant life. It picks up after a brief evolutionary depiction of plant life flourishing from Cyanobacteria.

Defensible Truth Several Paragraphs Into Chapter 2

First, we must ask the question, where did these algae come from? After all, they had to have started somewhere. The evolutionist says, in a hot salinated pond somewhere in a then new environment, a blob of protoplasm formed as a mixture of proteins enhanced by an electrical charge, such as lightning. Being charged by this jolt of electricity the aforementioned protoplasmic blob was shaken, and the heart of life was shocked into everlasting habitations. [click to continue…]


Excerpt From “Defensible Truth”

I am Currently working on my new book Defensible Truth; I thought I would add this excerpt for review. This excerpt is from the end of the first chapter, which is not yet finished, but I found some of the research fascinating and had to share it. Please note, there is a lot of information concerning the firmament, created by God to divide the waters from the waters, that is not present in this short excerpt. Thus, some of what precedes, which I have not included here, makes the whole read better. I hope you find it as interesting to read as it was for me to write. [click to continue…]


Christ’s Unmerited Love

Christ is Love

I found a $285 mistake some time back at work. I knew who made the mistake I can tell by the writing, The person I reported it to also knew who made the mistake. Rather than calling his name out loud, he said, I wonder who did that; maybe it was me. Not knowing I knew, and willing to take the mistake on himself to save the guilty party’s embarrassment. [click to continue…]


Defensible Truth

I am currently working on a new book entitled “Defensible Truth.” I am including a short segment here. Feel free to give me your feedback.

“And you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free” (John 8:32).

Some people view truth as subjective. That is to say, truth is based on a person’s perspective, feelings, and opinions. This philosophical idea certainly gives one pause to think. For example, if truth is entirely subjective there can be no right or wrong outside of one’s own self-interest. More broadly, the idea of right vs. wrong can be put to the test only by the opinions of those in the majority; or worse, only by those in power regardless of their majority status. This viewpoint of truth seems outrageous on the surface. Think about it for a moment; what if the mathematical equation 2 + 2 = 4 was subject to one’s own personal view of life and its constitution. Countless arguments, both supporting and dissenting, could be debated infinitely without any solid basis for a truthful solution. [click to continue…]


The Pluto Water Reduction

Pluto's Water

Many years ago, in the town of French Lick, Indiana, an enterprise grew that promised to bring health and happiness to the masses. Pluto Water, it was all the rage in the 1920’s, but to the dismay of many all of the claims that it made as a cure all were found to be false, all but one. It was a tremendous laxative. Yes, that’s it. The total sum of 55 aliments curable by drinking the highly concentrated sodium and magnesium sulfate water has now been reduced down to one thing, combating incontinence. [click to continue…]


In The Beginning – A Matter of Faith


“In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth” (Genesis 1:1, KJV).

If you can believe this very first sentence of the Bible then the foundation is laid in your heart to understand everything else that God wants you to know. Some people call this Creationism, others call it intelligent design, and it testifies to all humanity that a Creator wonderfully designed our universe and every intricate portion of it with masterful precision. Let’s be clear, there are a lot of different beliefs about creation floating around. For example, we could talk about evolution, and the idea that different species mutate over time to form new and improved species that outperform their predecessors. Let’s look at another theory developed over time, “The Big Bang Theory.” The Big Bang Theory suggests that a massive explosion set off a series of events that contributed not only to the expansion of our universe, but fostered an atmosphere for the basic building blocks of life here on earth; that in turn, some believe, started the evolutionary process. No matter what we chose to believe, we exhibit faith. Click Here By Faith


The Replica and the Knockoff

The other day I ran across a website that featured Rolex Watches. There were some very exquisite timepieces on exhibition. At first, I could not find the price of these quality watches anywhere, but finally, after a little digging in the site, my jaw dropped. “Unbelievable!” I thought, “How can they sell these things at those prices?” I know what you’re thinking, “It’s a Rolex!” right? So was I. Read-on and prosper